Douglas W. Grover CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Doug Grover, CFP®, has built a successful career helping his clients prepare and enjoy their retirements.  He specializes in showing his clients how to avoid outliving their money.  His clients are conservative by nature and prudent with money and are interested in building and maintaining their wealth, so they can live the way they choose.  During a recent interview, he shared his thoughts on building a lifetime retirement income plan:

“When I’m first introduced to someone, I find they’ve usually built some wealth through saving, but they’re not sure how all the pieces fit together into a plan for retirement. Most people have more accounts, institutions, and products than are necessary to achieve their goals and have diversification. The result is their situation is more complicated and their costs are much higher than they need to be. We show them how to simplify and consolidate their various accounts and pull it all together into an income plan for retirement that’s intended to exceed the perpetually rising cost of living.  Inflation’s the real enemy in retirement--not the movement of the stock market” says Doug.

Doug holds a bachelor’s degree in Financial Services (Personal Financial Planning) from San Diego State University.  He earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2001 and has been serving his profession since 1986.  He is passionate about his services and accepts new clients through referrals only. 

Doug and his wife Wendy have two daughters and live in Riverside California. Active in his community, he is a member of Canyon Crest Country Club and attends Sandals Church in Riverside.  He is a self-proclaimed Jimmy Buffett “Parrothead” and enjoys hiking, boating, fly fishing, and traveling the world.  He can be reached at